Imagine a world where you purchase products as digital files and then have them 3D printed when and where you need them. 3dHoudini will radically change how we buy, sell, and produce goods. We are a software/technology company, like Uber and Airbnb, a sharing economy business. We facilitate collaboration between consumers and manufacturers.

The Founders

Chris White


Yannick White


Shri Ballal


Meet The Founders:

Chris White is CEO of 3dHoudini. Chris has founded tech, manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies . He co-founded Antropy, a nanotechnology company funded by DoE, the U.S. Navy and DARPA. Chris led the full-scale prototype build of Blue Origin’s Blue Moon Lander.

Yannick White is President of 3dHoudini. Prior to 3dHoudini, he was President and Founder of CAD Parlor,a blockchain company that developed the CAD token and was later acquired by 3dHoudini. Yannick is the key inventor of the 3dHoudini technology.

Shrivathsa Ballal 3dHoudini’s CTO. Shri’s prior business experience includes serving as CTO at WatchBox, Vice President at DJO Global, Managing Director at Electronic Arts (EA), Senior Technology Architect at Accenture and Associate General Manager at Mphasis.